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I haven’t made a painting of Link in a looong time! I had fun working on the textures, that’s what i enjoy most about watercolors. (i wish i had a better camera though..)

This painting is for sale!


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Miguel and I did these two collabs together!!

Top: mondfuchs' lineart and miguel's coloration
Bottom: miguel's lineart and mondfuchs' coloration

Thank you so much for doing this with me, I really enjoyed doing it ´u`

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Dato made me post this because I haven’t posted much art lately 9u9 and I was kinda eager to try this storybook-esque coloring style!


Part 4 of Hyrule Warriors, Ganondorf and his sexy hair get all the glory this time

Last part will be probably Agitha, Zant and Ghirahim

lover of hyrule


Adding to my list of founding principles for LoZ headcanons/fanfiction/way of experiencing the games—

—out of all of the Triforce Triumvirate, Link is the one who loves Hyrule the most. Ganondorf wants Hyrule; Princess Zelda’s every action is taken with her duty to Hyrule foremost in her mind; but it’s Link who simply, wholeheartedly, cherishes the land and every living thing within it. It’s Link who visits every last distant or unknown corner of the realm; Link who walks among its cities and villages and befriends every person he meets, no matter how strange or small; Link who is intimately and personally bound to the actual country, not the idea of it.

While Zelda and Ganondorf are fighting over theoretical control of Hyrule, Link is making it a better, safer, happier place just because he cares that it be so. Without any endgoal in his mind except taking care of Hyrule.

(This is more about the ur-Link, the Hero, than the Link of any one game, obviously; WW!Link wouldn’t have any idea what I’m talking about.)


#4 Kiss on the eyelids


Sorry this is so sloppy haha. Also tumblr compression is the worst, sorry for the weird photoset, but otherwise it looks like shit. Please click on the images so you can actually read them!
based on this


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i drew some heroes of time check it

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if you dont like ww link we can’t be friends tbh

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when battle has made you weary, please come back to see me