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"There’s only so much the mortal goddess and her tool can do. But I allow both of you to assist me."

(wanted to make a fake anime screenshot, but as always I’m too lazy)

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One of the things I loved the most about A Link Between Worlds were the princesses. Zelda’s bangs are so fun to draw ♥♥♥ !

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Work by (8월서코/F10)밈메

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by mmimmzel

※Posted with the artist’s permission.


I can’t fucking wait to play as this dork in Mario Kart 8

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A little Hero.

I finished Legend of Zelda: A link between world last month and i think its now one of my favourite.

(my scanner is getting worse I think…)


This Zelda/Wisdom one-shot was a long time coming. You can read the orignal Link/Courage one-shot over here.

by Paul Reinwand, that’s me! <3

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And one for today~~

Dooooooodl doooooooooooooodl~ How I missed having fun with colors ;_;!

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Cursed child with a Cursed Fate


Ganondorf’s luscious hair jokes~ :V

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