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I finished it for now

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☆seasonal wear★

I initially just wanted to draw cuddly Ravio but things spiraled out of control into some sort of limited palette exercise 

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Link collage for my <3

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The Hyrule Fantasy

I felt inspired, so I drew this. If you like to see it without the text, here’s a link for that.  Having just finished up Zelda 1, I’ll probably play through Zelda 2 pretty soon. Maybe I’ll make something based off of that too?

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A friend of mine recently started a group on Facebook where we have a theme every month for everyone to illustrate however they choose.  The last one was to pick a Nintendo character.  I picked Link.  I liked the idea of Link’s outfit being made out of leaves’n’stuff.

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Jacob Smiley || @SmileyJacob

Slime Eel, 2013, acrylic on maple, 6”x6”

The fifth of my Nightmare series from Link’s Awakening.

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iii’m not that fond of the canon design for princess!tetra so here you go


ワンドロ4月分 by ももよし

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I drew the Links according to art style for fun! 

Of course I had to include a couple of extras… *wink*